I like climbing, skiing (especially backcountry skiing), recently also paddling, sailing (in the Bay Area – best sailing in the world), and driving my car.  Sadly, recently, the more abituous outdoor activities fell vicitim to an entierly too busy work schedule, and the resulting lack of fitness.  Now, it's much more hiking than climbing (altough I don't mind an occasional 5.9 pitch, as long as I do not have to climb first), and when it comes to backcountry I do rely now on at least partial lift support.

Needless to say that I like to work with computers.  I like my work here in Nokia, as much as I liked to be a consultant (including chores such as frequent travel and the uncertainty of being self-employed).  And both are as good as the Assistant Professor job at TU Berlin, where I spent most of my professional live until 2002.  I prefer classical music, but can survive on some forms of Jazz as well.  I like my fraternity, which took an awful amount of time during my studies but gave me experiences I don’t want to miss.  I like wines, particularly good ones.  And, of course, I like my girl friend (sorry, no picture, phone, or other info).

I do not like all those so called “cool” trend sports, fashion, socialist and green ideas, pop music, disco, noise in general, idiots, mushrooms, and many other things.