I like skiing (especially backcountry skiing), hiking, driving, and flying small aircraft. I tremendously enjoy our backyard and my workshop/man cave. I like to work on and with computers.  I like my work here at Tencent, as I generally enjoyed my previous jobs. I like taking on occasional consultant roles, but can live without the uncertainty of being self-employed.  I like classical music.  I like my fraternity, which took an awful amount of time during my studies but gave me experiences I don’t want to miss.  I like wines, particularly good ones. 

Sadly, more ambitious outdoor activities of yore fell victim to a busy work schedule, and the resulting lack of fitness, as well as age.   In the past, I enjoyed climbing (up to 5.9, M6, WI4, TD, all in alpine environment), paddling (kayak, calm waters only), and sailing (in the Bay Area).

I do not like all those so called “cool” trend sports, fashion, socialist and green ideas, pop music, disco, noise in general, idiots, mushrooms, and many other things.